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Google Fonts Similar to Avenir Updated on January 23, 2019 Designed in 1988 by Adrian Frutiger, Avenir is a sans-serif typeface which Frutiger describes as his masterpiece. One of its most famous uses is as system font bundled with macOS The designer wished to create something stylish for the twentieth century that inspired him to design Avenir. Free to download Avenir font came from the French word 'Futura'. The meaning is 'Future'. After years of having an interest in sans serif typefaces, 'Adrian Font Frutiger' designed it in 1988

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  1. Nunito is an excellent match to Avenir. The ascenders are slightly higher in Avenir but even the most persnickety designer would have a hard time telling them apart. It can be found at http://www.google.com/webfonts/specimen/Nunito it has 3 styles created by Vernon Adam
  2. The word Avenir means future in French and hints that the typeface owes some of its interpretation to Futura. But unlike Futura, Avenir is not purely geometric; it has vertical strokes that are thicker than the horizontals, an o that is not a perfect circle, and shortened ascenders
  3. Avenir font was the first font who's numbering device changed into abandoned in favor of more conventional weight names. Avenir comes in six weights mild, book, roman, medium, heavy and black every with corresponding oblique patterns
  4. Avenir font family is a simple design with the purpose to be a common font in the business world. This font is one that we would use to add elegance and simplicity to a project. It gives an overall clean and easy-to-read feel. Here you will be able to download Avenir font family for free to use it in your project

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Avenir is the 21st most used web font on the web. We know 1,442 popular websites which used this font. Similar popular professional fonts are Futura, Museo, Bebas Neue, Dotum. You can use the expensive web font Avenir for free, if you are following these steps Created by legendary type designer Adrian Frutiger and released in 1988, Avenir is one of the most widely used typefaces in corporate branding. Repeatedly voted by designers as one of the most beautifully designed typefaces, the Avenir font family was Frutiger's masterwork and continues to be popular in logo design and brand identities today Best Fonts:-Google Fonts; Avenir Next; Brandon Grotesque; FF DIN; Gotham; Proxima Nova; Helvetica Neue; Home › Basic › Sans Serif › Avenir Font. Avenir Font . Jul 30, 2019 By Dafont 3 Comments. Adrian Frutiger designed Avenir in 1988, after years of having an interest in sans serif typefaces. In an interview with Linotype, he said he felt an obligation to design a linear sans in the. Although modeled after Futura (Avenir is the French word for future) and classified as a geometric sans, Avenir has some slightly humanist features that add warmth to the face, such as the tail on the t and the o that isn't a perfect circle Download Avenir Next LT Pro font for PC/Mac for free, take a test-drive and see the entire character set. Moreover, you can embed it to your website with @font-face support

Between 2004-2007, Frutiger, together with Linotype's in-house type designer Akira Kobayashi, reworked the Avenir family to expand the range of weights and features. The result was titled Avenir Next. The initial release of the typeface family was increased to 24 fonts: six weights, each with a roman and italic version, in two widths (normal and [ Nunito is really quite different to Avenir - the letters are quite rounded. I've done some serious work on this for a client and found the Google font Lato is virtually indistinguishable from Avenir - you can literally put two words in the two fonts next to each other and not tell the difference Avenir is a typeface designed by Adrian Frutiger and Nadine Chahine, and is available for Desktop, Web, DigitalAds, App, ePub, and Server. Try, buy and download these fonts now Die beste Webseite für kostenlose und hochwertige Fonts im Internet mit 26 kostenlosen Avenir Book Fonts zum sofortigen Herunterladen und 26 professionelle Avenir Book Fonts zum besten Preis im Web

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  1. Es ist nicht von Google Fonts, aber es ist kostenlos und Open Source: Die Liga hat nur die am besten gemachten, kostenlosen und Open-Source-Schriften für @ font-face bereitgestellt . Es ist nur in Fettdruck verfügbar, aber es könnte genau das sein, was Sie brauchen. Fred K. Nein, nein, Nunito oder Lato unterscheiden sich sehr von meinen Augen. Ich habe viel daran gearbeitet und fand die.
  2. One option is to use Google Fonts, which are also open-source, meaning they allow for both personal and commercial use. Down below I'm sharing a collection of some of my favorites that I came across within the last couple of months, and that look very similar to a popular premium font. 1. Brandon Grotesque & Josefin Sans. Finding a dupe for Brandon Grotesque with its unique rounded corners.
  3. Download 51304 kostenlose Schriftarten. 1001 Free Fonts bietet eine riesige Auswahl an kostenlosen Schriftarten für Windows, Macintosh und Linux
  4. Download Avenir Light font. File Name Format Version Zeichen Größe; avenirltstd-light.otf: OTF - OpenTyp

Avenir Book, Avenir Book Oblique. Try this font now. Use the input below to type your tex We serve web fonts to billions of people each day. Here's how to get started with putting great fonts on your own website. 1. Browse thousands of fonts to find the right ones for your site. 2. Create a new web project, or add a font to an existing project. 3. Save your web project and paste the provided code into your site. That's it! features Unlimited fonts Use as many fonts as you need. Avenir Font Family. This is the most popular font on the internet. Avenir is a geometric sans serif font that is ideal for any designer to use. There are many reasons for a professional designer to use it, first of all, You can use it anywhere for your non-commercial uses, secondly, this font includes the whole font family it. So that if you don't like the standard black style, you can go. Alles zu Avenir fonts auf Internetcorkboard.com. Finde Avenir fonts hie Download Avenir. The font is available in all formats (Avenir woff2, Avenir woff, Avenir ttf, Avenir eot) and applicable to the website, photoshop and any OS

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Avenir; Avenir font family contains 13 fonts. Test Avenir font family now Use this extremely handy tool to test the font appearance for free. Enter you text or numbers into a panel below. Try it now! Download Avenir Light font by Adobe . Download. Download Avenir Light Oblique font by Adobe . Download. Download Avenir Book font by Adobe . Download. Download Avenir Book Oblique font by Adobe. 4 free avenir fonts and 7 sponsored fonts available · 1001 Fonts is your favorite site for free fonts since 200 I don't think there is a really obvious choice to replace Avenir in Google Fonts. However, I recently had to ask myself this question, and my answer was and is Lato: The letters occupy similar amounts of space, the letterforms are in the right ballpark, and the font has a robust set of weights/italics for you to use Font has regular style. Also you can download related fonts: 12 Avenir 35 Light Oblique 73173, 12 Avenir 35 Light 02173, 12 Avenir 45 Book Oblique 83173, 12 Avenir 45 Book 03173, 12 Avenir 55 Oblique 74173. Share avenir 95 black font with your friends

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Muli for the lighter weights, Montserrat for heavier weights. But Avenir is by far the better choice because its design is so much more refined and balanced than that of the other two Google Fonts Alternatives. To avoid the costs associated with using Futura, here are three great alternatives from Google Fonts that are completely free to use, both for personal and commercial applications. Didact Gothic. According to its designer, each character in the Didact Gothic Font represents the form it's most commonly shown in elementary schools. Didact is very similar to Futura.

Hallo, Ich suche eine Moderne Schrift die der Avenir und. der Avantgard ähnlich ist, jedoch ganz so antiquiert. und besetzt ist. Vielen Dank Avenir font style is designed in 1988 by a famous Swiss font designer Adrian Frutiger after many years of having interest in sans serif typefaces Download Avenir Next. The font is available in all formats (Avenir Next woff2, Avenir Next woff, Avenir Next ttf, Avenir Next eot) and applicable to the website, photoshop and any OS Another option to all of the good answers here is the npm package react-google-font-loader, found here. The usage is simple: import GoogleFontLoader from 'react-google-font-loader'; // Somewhere in your React tree: <GoogleFontLoader fonts={[ { font: 'Bungee Inline', weights: [400], }, ]} /> Google Fonts Similar to Avenir Fonts Plugi . Using Google Font CDN you can use in your project, this also one of the methods for using Google Fonts. Copy the below CDN and past into index.html file between the head section ; Google fonts have become the standard font of the modern web, that's why even the popular page Similar fonts to Avenir. Avenir is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed.

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  1. Font has heavy style. Also you can download related fonts: 12 Avenir 35 Light Oblique 73173, 12 Avenir 35 Light 02173, 12 Avenir 45 Book Oblique 83173, 12 Avenir 45 Book 03173, 12 Avenir 55 Oblique 74173. Share avenir 85 heavy font with your friends
  2. Download Avenir Next LT Pro Bold font | 6 styles free font. File size 0.23Mb | basic font,sans serif,avenir,font!,free,sans font,serif font,web fonts,avenir next lt pro,Adrian Frutiger and Akira Kobayashi,adrian frutiger and akira kobayash
  3. Die beste Webseite für kostenlose und hochwertige Fonts im Internet mit 29 kostenlosen Avenir Normal Fonts zum sofortigen Herunterladen und 12 professionelle Avenir Normal Fonts zum besten Preis im Web
  4. Download Avenir Font for Free. Search similar to Avenir Typeface in Open type Fonts with Getty Fonts
  5. In 2004, Frutiger, together with Linotype in-house type designer Akira Kobayashi, reworked the Avenir family to address on-screen display issues. The result was titled Avenir Next. Avenir Next Pro t Free Font Family was increased to 24 fonts: 6 weights, each with a roman and italic version, in 2 widths: normal and condensed. Frutiger's numbering system was abandoned in favor of more.
  6. Download free fonts similar to Avenir Next LT Pro for free. You can find 89 alternative to Avenir Next LT Pro on Fontsup. All fonts are in TrueType format. Fontsup.com is a great collection of free fonts
  7. Monotype SkyFonts / Google Fonts Google bietet den Usern über 2.000 Schriftarten zum kostenlosen Download an. Mit Monotype SkyFonts können Sie die Schriften sichten und auf Ihrem PC.

The word Avenir means 'future' in French and hints that the typeface owes some of its interpretation to Futura. But unlike Futura, Avenir is not purely geometric; it has vertical strokes that are thicker than the horizontals, an o that is not a perfect circle, and shortened ascenders Adobe Fonts partners with the world's leading type foundries to bring thousands of beautiful fonts to designers every day. No need to worry about licensing, and you can use fonts from Adobe Fonts on the web or in desktop applications We have 637 free google web fonts to offer for direct downloading · 1001 Fonts is your favorite site for free fonts since 200 Font characters Select unicode range: 0020-007F | Basic Latin 0080-00FF | Latin-1 Supplement 0100-017F | Latin Extended-A 0180-024F | Latin Extended-B 02B0-02FF | Spacing Modifier Letters 0370-03FF | Greek and Coptic 2000-206F | General Punctuation 20A0-20CF | Currency Symbols 2100-214F | Letterlike Symbols 2200-22FF | Mathematical Operators 25A0-25FF | Geometric Shapes FB00-FB4F | Alphabetic.

This Arabic extension to Adrian Frutiger's Avenir typeface family was created by Nadine Chahine for Monotype. Avenir Arabic proudly incorporates a timeless geometric style with humanistic nuances that made Avenir so famous. Featuring six weights from Light to Black, Avenir Arabic supports OpenType features for Arabic, and includes Windows codepage 1256 Arabic character set support Download Avenir LT Std 45 Book font at FontsMarket.com, the largest collection of amazing freely available fonts for Windows and Mac Google fonts have become the standard font of the modern web, that's why even the popular page builders like Elementor is using google fonts as their default font library. In case you want to generate the css style for your google font check out the Font CSS Style Generator.. Also, don't forget to check the new iFrame Generator tool.. In this post, I will show you which google fonts you. The Avenir Next font family was designed by Adrian Frutiger in collaboration with Monotype Type Director Akira Kobayashi. It was an expanded reworking Hello John, I have to edit a PDF that uses this font, it is not one that I would have picked out for my own use. While you provided a solution (just use a Sans Serif font that Adobe supports) I was looking for suggestions on how to use Acrobat or its supporting tools to find matching fonts, in this case Avenir Black, Book and Medium fonts, for those cases where you need to find a font that you.

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Similar free fonts and alternative for Avenir Next Condensed - OPTIGalaxy, Movie Poster Condensed, Panther, BN Pinky, Thin Design, Abel-Regular, DieUeberSchrift-E Thanks to places like Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, Font Squirrel, and others, I was able to find a few great typeface alternatives to some designer favorites, all at no cost to you. 1. Avenir—Free Alternative: Nunito. Avenir is a geometric, linear sans serif that's dynamic in all its uses—both body copy and headlines. It was designed to be similar to Futura, but with its own stylistic twists. Descargar Avenir Next. La fuente está disponible en todos los formatos (Avenir Next woff2, Avenir Next woff, Avenir Next ttf, Avenir Next eot) y aplicable al sitio web, photoshop y cualquier sistema operativo

The fonts presented on this website are their authors' property, and are either freeware, shareware, demo versions or public domain. The licence mentioned above the download button is just an indication. Please look at the readme-files in the archives or check the indicated author's website for details, and contact him/her if in doubt. If no author/licence is indicated that's because we don't.

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Closest Google Web Font samples of fonts that look like Frutiger Download Avenir LT 95 Black font at FontsMarket.com, the largest collection of amazing freely available fonts for Windows and Mac Avenir® Next Rounded. By Linotype. Fonts; Typeface Story; Packages; License Information; Individual Styles 8 styles. Avenir® Next Rounded Regular . Available for Desktop use; Available for Digital Ad use; Available for eBook use; Available for Mobile App use; Available for Server use; Available for Web use (Pay As You Go license) Purchase the desired number of pageviews. When you've used all. fonts avenir font einbinden dsgvo api webfonts helper download schreibschrift css - Gibt es eine Schriftglättung in Google Chrome? Ich benutze Google Webfonts und sie sind super bei großen Schriftgrößen, aber bei 18px sehen sie schrecklich aus

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Avenir download free in category basic, open type. Font Style: Regular Version: 001.00 Tag: google fonts avenir. June 5, 2019 July 10, 2020 1960's Fonts 1970's Fonts 1980's Fonts 1990's Fonts Bold Fonts Cool Fonts Italic Fonts Logo Fonts Modern Fonts Premium Professional Fonts Retro Fonts Sans Serif Fonts Urban Fonts Website Fonts by hipfonts. Future-Proof Your Designs with the Avenir Font Family . Linear typefaces may seem bland or monotonous, but you can always count. Google Fonts Alternatives While Avenir is a beautiful timeless font, the following alternatives are very similar and deserve some consideration considering they are free to use. Nunito Sans Originally designed by Vernon Adams. We have 1 free avenir, google web fonts to offer for direct downloading · 1001 Fonts is your favorite site for free fonts since 2001 Avenir, Google Web Fonts Fonts 1. Tag: avenir font google. June 5, 2019 June 14, 2020 1960's Fonts 1970's Fonts 1980's Fonts 1990's Fonts Bold Fonts Cool Fonts Italic Fonts Logo Fonts Modern Fonts Premium Professional Fonts Retro Fonts Sans Serif Fonts Urban Fonts Website Fonts by hipfonts. Future-Proof Your Designs with the Avenir Font Family . Linear typefaces may seem bland or monotonous, but you can always count on. Hallo. Ich arbeite grade an einem Projekt, dass ich extern programmieren lasse. Als Webfont soll die Avenir verwendet werden. Nun hat mir mein Programmierer einen Link zukommen lassen, wo es die Avenir als kostenlosen Download gibt. Ich habe diese Website zum ersten Mal gesehen und wundere mich, dass es hier auch andere Fonts, wo ich mir ziemlich sicher bin, dass die nicht frei erhältlich.

High-quality fonts to use on your web site. Fonts High-quality fonts to use on your web site. Google Fonts text_fields Simple to use The following text uses a font called Tangerine: Making the Web Beautiful! Applying a font is easy: just add a stylesheet link to your web page, then use the font in a CSS style. Get started . font_download Free to use All fonts are released under open source. All complementary fonts belonging to this standard font, such as Avenir 65 Medium Oblique, Avenir 95 Black and Avenir 95 Black Oblique, are NOT shown in the font menu. In order to reach them, simply activate the standard font (Avenir 65 Medium), then press on I for italic (Avenir 65 Medium Oblique) or on B for bold (Avenir 95 Black) or on both for bold and italic (Avenir 95 Black Oblique. Similar Fonts. Avenir; Akzidenz Grotesk; Closest Match on Adobe Fonts (Typekit) * Neuzeit; The 40 Best Fonts on Adobe Fonts; Closest Free Alternative on Google Fonts. See my PDF guide; Suggested Font Pairing. Neuzeit + Hercules; Neuzeit Font Pairings. Huron. Sep 7, 2019. Fonts — Platform, Neuzeit, ITC Avant Garde Gothic. Flawless Typography Checklist . Get flawless typography on every design. Hilfen für das sogenannte Font Pairing gibt es auf zahlreichen Webseiten wie beispielsweise bei fontpair.co oder bei Typetester. Den spielerischen Ansatz bietet Font Flame - quasi das Tinder für Schriftkombinierer. Beim Mischen von Schriften ist Erfahrung gefragt und dennoch gibt es ein paar einfache Regeln, welche die Richtung zu einer sinnvollen Kombination von Schriften weisen. Zu. Font Pair helps designers pair Google Fonts together. Beautiful Google Font combinations and pairs

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  1. Avenir google font similar Fonts similar to Avenir that will get the job don . Sofia Pro is one of the fonts similar to Avenir with more options in terms of characters. The typography, originally designed in 2008, received an update in 2012, so it now has more than 500 different glyphs, including special characters. As for design, Sofia opts for modernity and curves, being a contrasting font.
  2. The new Google Fonts makes it easier than ever to browse our collection of open source designer fonts and learn more about the people who make them. Announcement. Discover Great Typography. Find and test out free, open source web fonts from the Google Fonts catalog. open_in_newfonts.google.com Google Design. Google Design is a cooperative effort led by a group of designers, writers, and.
  3. Ob Google Web Fonts oder andere Online-Schriftdienstleister, wie fonts.com oder Typekit - Schriften für das Web und damit auch für Tablets und Smartphones gibt es zuhauf. Doch wie finde ich die richtige Schrift für meine Webseite oder digitale Anwendung? Ist das reine Geschmacksache oder gibt es auch Faktoren, die eine Schriftwahl beeinflussen? Ganz konkret können wir uns die verwendete.
  4. Show all weights of Avenir LT font Google Fonts (106) Decorative Fonts (459) Comic, Cartoon Fonts (65) 3D fonts (53) Western fonts (37) Techno, IT Fonts (46) Horror, bloody fonts (31) USSR Fonts (15) Brand, corporate fonts (77) Car Fonts (17) Bold, header fonts (162) Lightweight, thin fonts (164) Gothic Fonts (41) Drawing fonts (5) Slavic Fonts (31) Greek, antique fonts (10) Arabic Fonts.
  5. Was ich meine: Wenn man zu lange die Google-Fonts durchsucht, ist es irgendwann wie in einer Parfümerie nach der 10. Riechprobe: Die feinen Unterschiede verschwimmen und man kann sich nicht mehr entscheiden. Es wäre doch schön, eine Tabelle zu haben, aus der hervorgeht, welche Google-Fonts denjenigen, die man - auch offline zum Beispiel - nutzt, am ehesten entsprechen. So könnte man.

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  1. Enter the magical world of Google Fonts. [box type=download] BONUS: Be sure to sign up for free access to my bonus area with a Guide to 5 Awesome Google Font Combinations, a download pack of my recommended fonts, and a PDF tutorial at the end of this post.[/box] Why Should I Use Google Fonts in PowerPoint? Google Fonts is taking the web type world by storm. More and more sites are.
  2. Avenir 5.7. Search Advanced Search. Monitor Reply. Support. Google Fonts Permalink Browser Info Environment July 30, 2015 at 6:58 PM. Greetings! I am in the process of updating my website and really like the responsiveness and the overall quality of the theme! I would like to know if it is possible to have a few of the Google Fonts included? Specifically... Exo, Orbitron, Comfortaa, AudioWide.
  3. Avenir Next. April 28, 2020 by Free Font. Version: Formats: TTF, OTF: File Type: Font, Software: Compatible: Windows, Mac: Stock ∞ Download. About Free Font. Free Fonts is a free publication of digital downloadable fonts that include calligraphy, script, sans-serif, sans, serif, condensed, grotesque, slab, slab sans and so many fonts. Categories. 3D (1) Army Stencil (8) Basic (60) Bitmap.
  4. Avenir next lt pro font family Browse a full collection of fronts from the avenir next lt pro font family. This family contains 18 fonts in styles such as regular, demi, bold, medium condensed, ultra light condensed, bold condensed, heavy condensed, demi condensed, condensed, heavy condensed italic, demi italic, ultra light condensed italic, medium condensed italic, bold condensed italic.
  5. Similar free fonts and alternative for Avenir Next Condensed - AUdimat Italic, VeranaSans-Oblique, SwitzeraADF-MediumItalic, Grandesign Neue Roman Italic, Charger . What Font Is UPGRADE; Forum; Blog; Examples; Help; Similar Fonts; Fonts; Contact; Login or Sign Up; SET CUSTOM TEXT. Show options 40% 200%. 120% Get better results with a PRO Membership. Google Fonts Search - we suggest free.

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Google font library. Google Slides does not currently allow you to upload your own custom fonts. But the good news is that the most commonly used fonts in business are offered by both Microsoft and Google applications, so classics like Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman will still be available to you while working in Google Slides. However. Avenir Black is a Black TrueType Font. It has been downloaded 2324 times. 4 users have given the font a rating of 3.75 out of 5. You can find more information about Avenir Black and it's character map in the sections below Commercial Fonts - Avenir Next Pro (Font Family) - DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1

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Search tool for Google web fonts Avenir Next in use. Avenir Next (2004-2012) is an updated version of Avenir (1988). The differences in most of the lettershapes are minor. The most important changes are: a new italic design, the addition of new weights and widths (there was no Condensed before), and expanded language support. A Variable Set was added in 2019 Font Squirrel relies on advertising in order to keep bringing you great new free fonts and to keep making improvements to the web font generator. If you are seeing this message, you probably have an ad blocker turned on. Please consider disabling it to see content from our partners

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The Easy Google Fonts plugin adheres to the WordPress novice in that you don't need to touch any code to get the fonts live on your website. Fonts can be chosen, optimized, given unique colors and styles all with a live preview. Inside the WordPress Customize section you can easily tailor fit the typography of your site. Option 2: Modify Some Code. If you have built a website before, you may. I really missed using Avenir and Futura fonts. Google fonts aren't that great. Reply. ross black says: February 19, 2018 at 3:49 PM . Umm I dont see type kit in my pro elementor settings under integration. Reply . ross black says: February 19, 2018 at 3:51 PM . here now never mind ) Reply. donwattz1459 says: February 19, 2018 at 3:55 PM . Yes to the icon thing! Reply. Claudio Brignole. While Google Fonts is a good resource to find web fonts, their library is still small. MyFonts has the largest collection of fonts with over 130,000 of different types. If you want information about new and trending fonts, MyFonts is the perfect place for you. You can find fonts based on your style . 3. Font Squirrel. Font Squirrel is a free font directory with over hundreds of fonts that can. UrbanFonts features an amazing collection of free fonts, premium fonts and free dingbats. With over 8,000 freeware fonts, you've come to the best place to download fonts! Most fonts on this site are freeware, some are shareware or linkware. Some fonts provided are trial versions of full versions and may not allow embedding unless a commercial license is purchased or may contain a limited.

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Another piece of good news is the update of the Google Font API that allows the use of variable fonts with an exclusive set of 10 high quality and varied fonts. Including serif, sans-serif, slab or monospaced typefaces. In this new collection of Fonts, you will mainly find fonts that are free to use, some are for non-commercial use only, and some have a free version available. To see some of. Meer dan 13.000 gratis fonts beschikbaar om nu te downloaden Avenir Book Font Family Free Download >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1

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Avenir Next Font. September 25, 2017 by Dafont 1 Comment. Avenir Next Pro is a new take on a classic face—it's the result of a project whose goal was to take a beautifully designed sans and update it so that its technical standards surpass the status quo, leaving us with a truly superior sans family. This family is not only an update though, in fact it is the expansion of the original. Those who are looking for alternatives and similar fonts can use Arial, Avenir, Geneva, Verdana, and many other fonts that are very close in style. Source: Google Fonts . Times New Roman . Times New Roman is the favorite font of the print industry. It's used in many newspapers, books, and print materials. Originally, it was designed for The Times newspaper in the 30s, but it's still. Avenir. Based on Futura - Avenir means 'future' in French. Currently one of Identifont's ten most popular text sans-serif fonts

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May 21, 2017 - The Avenir font family is available to download free. You can download this font in ttf, otf, Woff and zip format. it comes bold, thin and italic style How did you inserted google font name in template settings ? i have attached you a example screenshot for your batter understand . Attachments (1) insert_google_font.jpg . more than a month ago; Corpora # 1 ; itaymm. Accepted Answer Pending Moderation. i put Alef-Regular:400,100,300,700 I have this issue in many website more than a month ago; Corpora # 2 ; itaymm. Accepted Answer Pending. Avenir is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1987 and released in 1988 by Linotype GmbH.. The word avenir is French for future. As the name suggests, the family takes inspiration from the geometric style of sans-serif typeface developed in the 1920s that took the circle as a basis, such as Erbar and Futura.Frutiger intended Avenir to be a more organic.

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